Girl group NewJeans has been confirmed to perform at a K-pop concert at the World Scout Jamboree.

"Boy group SEVENTEEN's appearance is under review depending on the venue, and BTS's appearance is unclear as some of its members are about to enlist in the military," a performance industry insider said on August 7th.

The Jamboree K-pop concert is scheduled to be held in Seoul on the 11th.

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1. I feel like HYBE shouldn't just limit themselves to Korea and start acquiring businesses overseas... they're just f*cking rich

2. Bangtan for Expo and NewJeans for Jamboree.... f*ck, is this really a country? The government using K-pop to repay their debts... Sigh.. I'm just so embarrassed, f*ck

3. NewJeans fighting!

4. 2 people from Bangtan are in the army currently, why even try to invite them?

5. So when something's urgent, they are just using K-pop and Bangtan? They are basically forcing HYBE

6. Can HYBE turn those offers down?

7. Bangtan are in the army, f*ck

8. Don't go! Don't touch Bangtan! You f*ckers!

9. The government has been pressuring a lot of businesses and seems like they've been pressuring HYBE too

10. Why are they pressuring HYBE like that? Seriously, Seventeen's Japanese concert is right around the corner too, f*ck

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