Oh My Girl member Seunghee has been offered a role in the upcoming historical drama Jeong Nyeon starring Kim Tae Ri, Shin Ye Eun, Ra Mi Ran and Moon So Ri.

On August eleventh, as per a South Korean news source, it was affirmed that Seunghee was offered a role in the new show Jeong Nyeon. In the event that she takes the offer, this will be her second drama appearance. Seunghee flaunted her acting skills for the first time through KBS first 2TV's 'Oasis', which finished last April. In her drama, Seunghee won acclaim for her fragile yet profound exhibition while impeccably depicting the role of Ham Yang Ja, who has her fair, lovely character and enamoring singing abilities.
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1. Even without watching the show, I can tell that she's gonna do well. Isn't she good at singing? I didn't plan to watch this but I'm looking forward to it

2. Seeing how she described the members using her facial expressions, I think that she'll do wellㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I wonder what role she'll play

4. Wow I'm seriously so looking forward to this. I think that she'll do so well

5. I think that she'll do well in a role requiring pansori

6. She's so good at singing and her image matches perfectly

7. Oooh she's good at singing and I feel like she'd be good at acting too

8. Seunghee-yaaahhhhhhhhh she's such a smart girl and I think that she'll do well. I can already tell that she'll match the role

9. She totally matches the drama

10. I think that she matches the vibe of the original work. They did well casting her

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