Comment: Your life is too pathetic hahahaha please die. You are a disgrace to this planet we live on, you fools
> Sung Hanbin: I believe that the thing that you're doing right now is also attention. I will hug you with love.

People like idols to receive healing from them but I hate how he's fighting with his wits with that commenter and giving them attention. Sung Hanbin is kind so I find him likable but why can't he not feed the trolls?... Even girl groups who are receiving hate comments from the general public are trying to refrain from replying to haters. He even hearted the comment and I really hate how he's trying to act like "look at how generous I am towards the pathetic you"

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Seriously, seeing this, I can really realize how crazy the kids who are nitpicking Sung Hanbin are. Any normal person would be hating on the hater first

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? The hate commenter was the one in the wrong but he's the one getting hate

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F*ck, seriously, stop this. We need to get rid of hate commenters. Do you think that it makes sense that you're writing a post hating on the person who replied them?

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I f*cking hate how he's not able not to feed the trolls...

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Seems like all the kids who write hate comments have gathered here....

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