Rimowa celebrated their 125 years anniversary in New York today and Rose attended the event

Giant maknae

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1. [+25, -6]
this is a screencap of a video and I kinda get what Rose looks like in real life ㄷㄷ

2. [+21, -5]
She's pretty skinny but she doesn't look unattractive.... She looks feminine

3. [+17, -2]
Rimowa officially announced Rose's global ambassadorship

4. [+12, -2]
Seriously, she's to~~~~~o skinny. Her bones are really that of a female idol

5. [+11, -5]
Wow even if her waist is long, her waist line is freaking pretty. Her legs are long so she just looks f*cking superior

6. [+8, -2]
Maybe because she has a small frame, I didn't know that she was this tall

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