Even if they're touring overseas, I hope they watch what they do more. The fans are always praising them for being cute whenever they act like that, but riding 2 people on an electric scooter like that is f*cking dangerous
And the fact that they climb on top of their carrier is also dangers... Looks like their managers aren't checking on them either.... 

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Idle always gets into controversies, but people always let them slide 

2. [+59, -1]
People really think that this is cute...? 

3. [+58, -1]
Even though if they got hurt, they'll get hurt by themselves, this is not it... They should fix their actions because they're being eyesores

4. [+45, -1]
I like Idle but me too I got shocked at the way they were on the scooter by themselves liket that. I was wondering if I was the weird one when I saw people calling them cute.. The fandom itself is weird too, I just hope they can be more careful since they're still doing concerts now 

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They should fix themselves, what if they got hurt?

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