These are the 7 members who made it to the final lineup for their upcoming girl group

Among them: 

She made such a huge buzz among K-dols for her cover of Dangerously. She's Ahyeon

After July 25th, she never appeared again either on her way to YG or on their official IG 

That's why a lot of fans have been asking where did Ahyun go? 

There were also only 6 members aside from Ahyeon who appeared at BP's concert
She's not going or leaving work, she's not appearing on Reels anymore
There are lots of fans who are saying to wait and see first, but the fandom has been in shambles ever since she was nowhere to be found at their sunbae's concert. 
The fans have been asking YG about their exact debut date + Ahyeon's whereabouts
BaeMon was supposed to debut in September, but they haven't given any firm answers yet

Anyways, the fandom is in shambles

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1. No but they're a Korean group but they have more foreigners than Koreans now 

2. Ahyeon is a certified superstar, debut her no matter what, even though it's not from YG!

3. I feel like from her voice color alone, she's more JYP than Y?

4. They have way too many foreigners

5. So they only have 2 Koreans left

6. It must be some health issues

7. It won't be easy for them to break it in the domestic market if Ahyeon isn't there

8. Huh? I've been waiting for Ahyeon... Don't tell me that she's resting due to health issues

9. No matter how much I think about it, it must be some health issues

10. They only have 3 Koreans????? And if they drop 1 of them, there's only going to be 2??? What is thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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