Her casual fashion always look so commoner-esque?..
As a fan, her coordi has had a lot of misses compared to the other members so I'm disappointed...
I wish that she could get some feedback from the membersㅠ

If they were gonna dress her, I wish they'd at least give her a dress or a one-layer clothesㅠㅠ!
Stop giving her clothes that don't fit her...

I didn't know that this post would make it to the featured talks but I obviously know that she had hit moments too...
But I'm just sad at how rare the days where she gets good reactions are...
I wish they give her dresses or clothes that fit her better like the ones below...

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1. [+130, -12]
But all of the aespa members are bad dressers aside from Ningning

2. [+96, -9]
aespa doesn't have any good dresser though? But I don't know if the outfits you posted are that bad

3. [+88, -13]
I just feel like they gave her clothes that are hard to pull off

4. [+55, -13]
Seriously, have you ever seen a bad dresser? There are way more days where she dresses well but you only gathered this little pics just to get her hate... her face and proportions cover everything anyways so you're trying to frame her saying she's a bad dresser

5. [+55, -14]
These are cute and there are many days where she dresses well too!

6. [+39, -19]
Karina, Giselle and Ningning definitely have a better eye for fashion beauty-wise... Winter's frame is fine and has good proportions but she doesn't really have a good taste in clothes which is a shame

7. [+38, -10]
Even journalists called her look the "attorney-look" today and fans all found her style pretty but why are you the only one disliking it? Are you sure that you don't just hate Winter?

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