I seriously am so worried about my boyfriend's ex
His ex was freaking pretty. Seriously, if you asked the people around me who is the prettiest girl in the region where I lived, they would all answer her.
She f*cking looks like Go Ara during her legendary days. And I heard that she was preparing to become an actressㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
But I was in a one-sided love with my boyfriend even when he was dating his ex
So when he broke up, my boyfriend suffered a lot because he dated her for 3 years. And it was at that time that I approached him. So 2 weeks after he broke up, he went with me.
The reason why I'm worried is because I just look average..... I seriously only seldom hear people calling me pretty in the streets...
So I start wondering why he even wants to date me. And I'm scared that every time he looks at my face, he thinks back of her and it's driving me crazy..

I'm seriously not joking, she looks exactly like those pictures, f*ck, I also want to think that she was ugly but...

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1. [187, -1]
I'm sorry OP but I was trying to put myself in your boyfriend's shoes and I don't think that I'd be able to forget her even until my death

2. [+165, 0]
I'm sorry but he 100% dated you after 2 weeks because he wanted to forget her

3. [+78, -5]
Even just calling someone "pretty" or "ugly" can brainwash you. Me too, during my school years, there was this girl who was rumored as being the prettiest girl in the whole school and I also thought that she was the prettiest. But now that we're all adults, I found out that everyone was just equally pretty. Once you're recognized as a pretty girl, you're often buffed up prettier than what you actually look. There are a lot of cases like thatㅋㅋ So it's possible that there isn't a big difference between you and her but you think that she looks prettier because there are rumors about her... To be honest, I think that it's impossible for someone to go from a freaking pretty girl to someone average. So I'm sure that your boyfriend is dating you because you're just as pretty

4. [+63, -2]
He's dating you to get over her

5. [+48, 0]
I'm f*cking jealous of your boyfriend

6. [+45, -1]
But your boyfriend is f*cking so-so;;; he's trying to forget his ex that he's been dating for 3 years so he rebounds on you 2 weeks after they break upㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ His ex is freaking pitiful. I don't think that he's a good guy. And it's not like he was crazy about women either

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