1st mini album The Story Begins 
Title: Like Ooh Ahh
October 20th 2015

2nd mini album Page Two 
Title: Cheer Up 
April 25th 2016

3rd mini album TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 
Title: TT
October 24th 2016

1st special album TWICEcoaster: Lane 2
Title: Knock Knock 
February 20th 2017

4th mini album Signal 
Title: Signal 
May 15th 2017

1st full album Twicetagram 
Title: Likey
October 30th 2017

1st full album repackage Merry & Happy
Title: Heart Shaker
December 13th 2017

5th mini album What is Love?
Title: What is Love? 
April 9th 2018

2nd special album Summer Nights
Title: Dance the Night Away
July 9th 2018

6th mini album Yes or Yes
Title: Yes or Yes
November 15th 2018

8th mini album Feel Special 
Title: Feel Special 
September 23rd 2019

9th mini album More & More
Title: More & More
June 1st 2020

2nd full album Eyes Wide Open
Title: I Can't Stop Me
October 26th 2020

Digital single Cry For Me
Title: Cry For Me
December 18th 2020

10th mini album Taste of Love
Title: Alcohol-Free
June 19th 2021

3rd full album Formula of Love: O+T = <3
Title: Scientist
November 12th 2021

11th mini album Between 1&2
Title: Talk that Talk 
August 26th 2022

12th mini album Ready To Be
Title: Set Me Free
March 10th 2023

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1. Aside from a few ones, I know all of them 

2. Wow I can acknowledge they're Cow-Twice. They have a lot of songs but it gets better and better

3. This is why I'm the most envious of Twice fans.. 

4. There's not a single song I don't know 

5. Hul they have fewer full albums than I thought 

6. Wow they seriously work so much. But these are all songs that I know and they're all good. Twice is impressive 

7. They really work so hard, Twice's songs are always my taste

8. But isn't it the key for long run? To work hard?
Compared to the other group... 
I feel like it's way better to be consistent
Even if the members get to go on vacation, they have no thougth of withdrawing 

9. There's a few of "that group"s fans wo are trying to drag Twice, but there's nothing to drag them about ㄷㄷ

10. BlackPink has 10 while Twice has 20

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