1st single album Square One
Title: Whistle, Boombayah
August 8th 2016 

2nd single album Square Two 
Title: Playing With Fire, Stay
November 1st 2016

Digital single As If It's Your Last
Title: As If It's Your Last
June 22nd 2017

1st mini album Square Up
Title: Ddu-du Ddu-du
June 15th 2018

2nd mini album Kill This Love
Title: Kill This Love
April 5th 2019

Digital single How You Like That (pre-release for their first full album)
Title: How You Like That
June 26th 2020

Digital single Ive Cream (with Selena Gomez) (pre-release for their first full album)
Title: Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) 
August 29th 2020

1st full album The Album
Title: Lovesick Girls
October 2nd 2020

Digital single Pink Venom (pre-release for their 2nd full album) 
Title: Pink Venom 
August 19th 2022

2nd full album Born Pink
Title: Shut Down
September 16th 2022

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1. Aside from the pre-relesaes they really release 1 album per year

2. I feel like this is the right way of doing things. A group at BlackPink's level is high so it's important for them to have this image that's almost non-consumable
Releasing physical albums after physical albums like a cow isn't necessarily a good thing 
It feel like not a lot of people know this
Celebrities are all about their image
There's a reason why groups like Bigbang and BlackPink are able to go for the long run 

3. Honestly to me, their image is that of a fashionista or celebrity promoting in music... 

4. But all of the albums they've released in those 7 years were hit albums. The lowest record they've set is #3 on daily charts

5. Because their skills are so good, I feel like they wasted their potential... They have less songs than I thought 

6. Even after 6 years, I still listen to Boombayah and Playing With Fire

7. Theres not a single song I want to throw away, they're all masterpiece

8. Hul their 1st full album was Lovesick Girls? This is too much 

9. They were all hit songs and they were all high quality. They have good work-life balance and these are songs that will be worth listening to and promoting even in the future, but from a fan's perspective, I do feel like they were wasted..

10. This is why... I don't mind if BlackPink doesn't renew... They have way more individual promotion already 

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