Why does he bring in celebrities like Daesung?;; I was really disappointed in Yoo Jaesuk when I saw that he contacted Daesung privately when he went to the army after his scandal broke out. I get that if they are close, he might contact him out of worry but seeing him talking about it on Hangout With Yoo was so-so.. I thought that the other community sites were forcing their hate when they were hating on Yoo Jaesuk but it was my first time being disappointed in him after seeing his episode with Daesung.

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I really like Yoo Jaesuk but I did feel turned off by him a couple of times recently... He's been so careful until now so why do this? Also, the oldies around him are so severe too... Ever time Yoo Jaesuk starts a new variety show, I don't even have to watch it to know what the lineup will be

2. [+126, -3]
He's the national MC Yuneu-nim but.... Looking at what he's been doing recently, I feel he wants to always do things with people who have connection or deep roots with him foreverㅠ I liked how he started Running Man back then with people he wasn't close with like Gary and Kwangsoo and slowly getting close to one another on broadcastㅜㅜ

3. [+118, -4]
It's because his image is at the top that kids who have bad image think that they'll rebound if they appear with him. I get that they did Family Outing together back then and are close but doesn't he realize it's gonna bite him back in the ass?...

4, [+110, -2]
I also wish that he'd take the scandalous kids into consideration and just skip on them..

5. [+69, -43]
I feel like he has too much love so he's unable to cut them off..

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