Source Music announced on the 26th, "The rumors about Le Sserafim Kim Chaewon are not true at all. She is recovering from the aftereffects of a flu. Kim Chae-won is scheduled to come back to schedule on November 1st.”

Currently, suspicions are spreading that many famous celebrities are involved in drug gate. The reactions of the celebrities and their agencies on the list were “absurd.” Just having your name mentioned in this controversy takes a huge toll on your image. In addition, considering the seriousness of this issue, they are taking a strong stance.

Kim Chaewon of the group Le Sserafim dismissed rumors of drug use and announced her return. Kim Chaewon was in poor condition after she caught Type A influenza and had temporarily suspended her activities. Kim Chaewon, who was concentrating on recovery, was reportedly shocked when her name came up in a rumor going around about a drug scandal in the entertainment industry.

The day before, there were rumors that famous girl group members and actors were being investigated internally on suspicion of drug use. Even though the police did not reveal the celebrities who were booked other than Lee Sunkyun and G-Dragon, unconfirmed stories spread through messengers and social media. There were also suspicions that the famous girl group member was Kim Chaewon.

After hearing the related rumors, her agency confirmed several times that it was not her.

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1. Chaewon-ah let's sue

2. Wow there were rumors like that? Who would believe this? She's been relentlessly promoting for the past 2 years, why would she have the mind to start taking drugsㅋㅋ

3. Why are we writing articles about rumors now? Are people crazy?

4. Why would you do this to a sick kid..

5. People are losing their minds

6. Le Sserafim's haters seriously ㅡㅡ

7. Hul I didn't know she was sick, why would people do this ;;; 

8. Just how can someone just spread rumors like that

9. Huh? She must've been so shocked

10. Wow those trash making up rumors are real disgusting.. 

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