"Founder caught with SA" Johnny's, changes company name... 325 people reported about SA"

The famous Japanese entertainment agency 'Johnny's Office' changes its name to 'SMILE-UP.' 61 years after its founding. As the founder's SA of same-sex trainees was revealed, the company decided to abandon the name of the perpetrator and focus only on compensating victims. They decided to continue their core business, celebrity-related work, by establishing a new company.

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1. [+114, -1]
Johnny's is super infamous for this already no? That grandpa is gay and he's always been known for r*ping the trainees.. Even during the time when Internet wasn't blowing things out like today, it was already known 

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They've been known throughout history for being a place for male pr**titutes

3. [+81, -1]
In many ways, their class is legendary 

4. [+78, -3]
Hul a man SA another man?

5. [+60, -62]
In some years, Japan will stop eating up on Korean idols.. Johnny's has seized the market for decates and they've grown so much that they've made their own sloppy idol culture the mainstream. Going forward, Japan will start benchmarking on KPOP idols and start releasing actual talented groups too 

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If you exposed the entertainment industry from Korea, you'd find the same 

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