No but at this rate, we should really start limiting these. In the future, the unreleased photocards will reach 200 each. They're trying to control physical sales with these

t/n: unreleased photocards/미공포 = photocards that are not part of the "official" album and come as a special edition when you purchase from a certain place/platform

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1. Wow it's my first time seeing that many photocards

2. But people can just stop buying them and they'll stop producing that many no? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What "limiting"

3. So you're jealous because they're selling so many albums.. For idols who can't sell well, no matter how many unreleased photocards they put, they still won't sell 

4. This is indeed so severe, but this isn't the only group doing it. I think it's true that we should start limiting it 

5. Wow I wonder if there's someone who actually got all of these

6. Wow it's pretty bad though 

7. So these aren't all the unreleased photocards released to date but only the ones from a single album?

8. We should start reporting every group that does it 

9. I can't believe that people here are actually shielding this... This isn't only a Stray Kids issue, but other idols should get the Fair Trade Commussion to audit their manufacture too.. It's true that lately, the idol industry has been abusing the unreleased photocard system..My bias' agency is also not doing their jobs and releasing a ton of unreleased photocards and it's pissing the fans off

10. Wow... Meanwhile their songs aren't even in the charts but this is why they're able to sell 4M copies

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