They'll be performing at the same venue as Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Billie Eilish, et. 
What happened to the trolls who said that they'll only grab a handful of seats outside of their Tokyo Dome venye? Now the picture of the audience in UK was released

I'm a fan and I'm not saying that they're at the same level as other top artists overseas
It's just that they were able to perform in similar venues as the 

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1. [+51, -10]
aespa are the girl group among the 4th gen who had the biggest international venue, who is trying to swear at them?

2. [+48, -4]
The fact that they seized the O2 Arena in uk is f*cking coolㅋㅋ I'm shocked to see that they can hold concerts with 10K capacity already 

3. [+47, -2]
So many people were going around saying 'there's no pictures of aespa's tours because they're so small so nobody is taking pictures of the audience' this is refreshing to se

4. [+45, -1]
But why are people ignoring the fact that they performed at the Tokyo Dome? The haters aren't making any sense... 

5. [+32, -55]
Stop the media play already, don't you know that all the data about their tour is out? Anyone would think that this is some huge venue 

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