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Artist of the year

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1. NewJeans is looking food

2. Isn't MMA supposed to be an SM Music Award? 

3. NewJeans are looking so good this year it's insane... ooking at it, Ditto, OMG, Super Shy and ETA are all in the top of the Artist award

4. Seeing is like that, the #1 will all receive the awrads. They all received recognition for being there and nobody feels out of place. My bias released their song late so they won't make it..

5. Ditto from NewJeans really hit daebak this year... It'd be weird for them to not win anything.. And fighting to my bias too, they're coming back in October so let's rise in the ranking ❣️

6. The daesangs for this year aregoing to be so obvious that if they don't win, people will riot 

7. NewJeans will win all the awards f*ck 

8. Oohhh NCT DREAM will win so many awards. If they continue to do well, they might even win the daesang

9. It'd be seriously weird if NewJeans didn't win anythingㅋㅋ

10. It's obvious that NewJeans will sweep everything this year.. 

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