Where did all their fans go?

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1. They probably left KPOP or switched to other idols 

2. I'm still there, and you're wondering where the fans are? Of course in their bed. Did you see time?

3. But Kang Daniel's popularity was no joke even when his solo came out 

4. If you look at Kang Daniel's first week sales, he's still doing well. He's also been the MC for SWF --> SMF --> SGF --> SWF2 and his concerts are selling well...
For Park Jihoon, he's been on Love Revolution, Flower Crew, At a Distance, Spring Is Green, Weak Hero Class 1, etc. Do you not have  a TV at home?

5. But if you disband, you can't help the fandom leaving... But they're still living well 

6. Because of Kang Daniel's comment on SWF + skills controversy + dating controversy, a lot of fans have left the fandom. A bunch of Park Jihoon's fans also left because he chose to focus on acting no?? But I wouldn't say they're unpopular now

7. I still like Daniel!! He's honest about his music and he's very hard working. His skills also improved and he works painstakingly on every song he releases so I don't feel like his albums are downgrading!

8. Survival groups will always lose popularity once they disband, the members all got acknowledged and Kang Daniel's solo is doing well. I don't know if Park Jihoon's acting is doing well though 

9. I'm still a Jihoon fan, posts like these are nonesense

10. I'm sure they weren't tackled that badly. They're still promoting just fine so where's the issue? How can you expect their solos to do as well as the group's promotions? Looking at them, they're able to maintain their fans quite well 

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