- This is aespa style..

- The song is good but I keep getting reminded of Winter's voice

- I wonder how it would've been with aespa singing to this
- It's indeed aespa style, but the song is good

- They wrote this for aespa

- I want to hear aespa or BlackPink cover this

Everyone is talking about aespa... 

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1. Please don't drag aespa into this 

2. Just because they sang a song for a game?

3. But if aespa sang this, they wouldn't have gotten the same type of results ㅎㅎ

4. Thinking you probably found these comments among hundreds of others is pitiful.. 

5. And when aespa debuted, people said they copied K/DA's concept

6. There were hundreds of comments on Melon and you're only writing a post over a few commentsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. That's a gaming song? I just listened to it and it was pretty good. Of course I would've prefered if aespa sang to it, but it would sound nice if any group sang to it 

8. You really dedicated yourself to those screenshots

9. They released a new song?

10. Look at the way you took a screenshot one by one... Pitiful ㅠ

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