[PC stories/Life] I HATE MY MOM SO MUCH

Hi, I recently turned into a young adult and got into my first corporate job. I have always had a difficult relationship with my mother. I think she is a controlling narcissist? I was introduced to the /r raised by narcissist subtopic on reddit and I think it's all starting to make sense.

Problem is I don't know how to help myself. Growing up, I was always made to seem incompetent and my mother doubts every choice and decision I made and it made my confidence so low. I turned into a people pleaser and I'm still trying hard to get rid of that habit because I have never gotten any emotional validation from her while growing up 

For the year, I have been giving my mom, who is a single mother half of my salary. 

When I first got my job, I wanted to give half of my salary for the first time but didn't wanna make it a continuous thing. But since then my mom kept asking for more and at first I gave 1000 (in our local currency) every month and now I'm giving 1200 because she demanded more and I got a pay raise. 

I can't afford to keep giving her this much money, when I declined she told me that 'I should be grateful for being able to help her out'. She is the master of guilt trips ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ when I told her I wanted to move out she got so mad she brought her adult friend to gaslight me to not move out lmao. Moving out without marrying is uncommon here so she feels even more entitled. I can't stand her anymore. I can't live with her.

I want to move out, I need to get a permanent job to move out because my current one is contract basis and ends april next year. I'm really depressed because she is the source of all of my problems yet I can't help but crave her validation. I don't think anyone gets it.

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