"Kim XX is indeed living such an easy life"

She never as part of the debut unit and her screen time was so little
But after rigging her ranking, she debuted and her popularity went up because she succeeded
She then redebuted in a huge company 
Because the visual member was accused of school violence, she took the center position
Even if she did her XX, her fans claim that she's natural 
She's cute, so she pretends to act all innocent and people buy it 
Seriously her life must be so easy
Imagine applying this to the university entrance exam, entering in the university while rigging the exam
Expelling the top student from the graduate school meanwhile they get to eat wellㄷㄷ
And then having a bunch of b*tches giving her money treating her like a master
I freaking envy XX's life

The comparison with the entrance exam is freaking too much 
It's like those people paying to get ranked 3rd or 4th right?
This is freaking unfair, what does this country have that's not rigged?

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1. [+105, -2]
What An Yujin? Aside from one ranking, An Yujin has always ranked within the debut unit and she even was in the debut unit despite not having the benefits

2. [+[+92, -143]
And do you stream Lightsum's songs with Han Chowon in it? Their latest release couldn't even reach top 1000 in the Melon daily chart. While spending your time swearing, don't you wonder what's happening to the victim? Go look it up yourself 

3. [+88, -29]
Honestly, Kim Chaewon aside, do you guys have anything on Jo Yuri and An Yujin? Especially An Yujin, she was almost certified to debut since the beginning. Did you not watch Produce

4. [+73, -11]
The kids here telling us to give more attention to Han Chowon and Lee Gaeun while subtly dragging their groups' results are so disgusting ㅋㅋㅋ They're victims who can't even have the opportunity to appear on TV anymore, of course they won't get good results. Do you think just telling us to give them attention would suffice? They need opportunities to get known by the general public. Your logic is so disgusting 

5. [+62, -50]
Sigh what a f*cking pitiful life you have. Instead of spending your time sh*tting like that, go out and make some money ^^ Yul and Chaewonie are doing freaking well and you can't stand it ^^

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