"I was so so shocked at the airport video that I spent a whole week looking for GD's videos. Why is it so sad? I hope someone can save Kwon Jiyong ㅠ When he was rapping in Still Life, he still looked the way he always did, but when I watched his internview videos, his speech became so slurred ㅠㅠ Please get treatment and get healthy ㅠ I honestly hope he isn't having it too hard ㅠㅠ" (1 month ago)

"Jiyong-ah, if you’re taking drugs, please stop... You speak so softly and smile mischievously, you always impress me with your deepest stories during interviews, but now when I watch these same interview videos, each word is spaced out and the speed at which you speak is beocming so slow. It might not be because of drugs but maybe just because you're burdened by the camera, if so, it can't be helped... I don't know, but time has passed so it's weird that I'm trying to look back at the old him right...? Is it because he's heading to a bad direction..." (3 months ago)

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1. This might be the airport video they're talking about. He can't even stay still for a second

2. He still... Has fans..? Me too I used to be a fan... But I can't believe there are still people there..

3. I feel bad for them 

"This hyung's eyes are weird"

5. Even non-fans are all aware of this. He keeps twisting his body and he's so sluggish ㅋㅋ He gives druggie vibe off 

6. He made it so obvious 

7. So the fan already knew 

8. Hul the fans already knew... Aigo ㅜㅜ 

9. Looks like everyone knows this already 

10. I'm more shocked that he never got caught until now 

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