IU's agency, Edam Entertainment, said, "Recently, a d**th threat was reported against IU, and the level of violent acts against IU has gone too far, investigative agencies urgently dispatched to our company's headquarters, Kakao Entertainment's headquarters, and the artist's home." 

 "IU was filming at the time, and as the matter was finalized after the investigative agency confirmed that it was a security and safety situation, we immediately took measures to strengthen IU's security personnel."

In addition, they promised, "We make it clear that false reports may also be subject to punishment, and we will pursue the above accuser and others to the end and urge investigative agencies to quickly and strongly punish them,", "We will also do our best to protect the safety of the artist." .

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1. This is insane. You need to punish these people harshly 

2. Seriously the haters have gotten too far, please do something about them legally 

3. No but they wanted to m*rder IU?? So a crazy bast*rd wrote in a post that they wanted to m*rder IU and released it? Was it on DC Gallery? Seems like someone reported that and the police went to the agency?

4. Nowadays there are more and more psychos out there so people should really start being more careful. Please catch that person quick and put them to jail 

5. Crazy people should just keep those crazy acts to themselves!!!!

6. Wow this is scary, why would you do that 

7. No but haters are going as far as threaten to m*rder someone now... How crazy do you have to be;; 

8. These haters have been stuck on IU for over 10 years, she's freaking pitiful 

9. Why would you go that far??

10. Seriously we need stronger laws to deal with this

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