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People from all around the world are now listening to kpop. Its now not only limited to asian countries, which is a good thing. But with good also comes bad aspects. We often talk about acceptances of various things which were not considered acceptable before by kpop fans no matter how that thing is like very normal. For examples idols dating, marriage, knowing each other regardless of genders, interacting freely etc. Even tho its still more in very beginning stage. But we cant deny exposure of kpop in western markets have somewhat helped in these situations. As in many of these events even if Korean fans are against it, international fans have got the idols backs.

So what's with this xenophobia you ask. Let me start by telling you something I saw months ago but is still fresh in my memories.

So, while scrolling on twitter I came across a tweet in which female idol 'A' and her group 'B' were getting mocked at for not being fluent in english as their own idols of group 'C'. The fans of group 'B' came for the defense of their idols but the fans of group 'C' shut them out by saying they deserved it. And their faves need to be mocked for going to west for promotion while not knowing how to speak English properly. That tweet had like over 10k or something likes. I reported and blocked them for it but it left a bad taste in my mouth and made me question about how these international kpop fans go with this selective xenophobia towards other groups who are not their idols. 

Also coming to racism.

Like take an example of idol 'Z' who unknowingly did CA, but apologized for that as soon as they came to know that what they did was wrong. now, idol 'Y' did the same thing. And lets take this idol is far more famous and popular than 'Z'. So, idol Y fans who were slamming Z on twitter for CA are now protecting their idol Y for the same thing. And while all this idol Y has yet not issued an apology or even acknowledged the CA situation. But Y did this CA thing once again after some time and still is silent for this whole ordeal. But the fans of idol Y always brings idol Z situation for the defense even tho Z had already apologized for it. This thing right here. Isn't that selective racism. You are hating an idol for doing certain things but close your eyes when your favorite idol does that same exact things.

Now once again coming for the xenophobia ones. Doesn't kpop fans loves to make edits of idols speaking English in their accent and call them cute and stuff. So, why is that if some other idol who doesn't english try to speak for communicating with their fans, they are suddenly illiterate and shouldn't go to west with broken English. And becomes a huge subject of mockery for them.

The reason I didn't take any groups or idols names is because I just don't want to. This thing written is not for fanwars but for the look inside our own collars. aren't we in another method also acting like knetz. We hate on these idols not knowing what they can be feeling while reading all these hate comments. 
Maybe I didn't express this issue clearly and there are more things that needed to be covered but I think I can start by talking from this.

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