Jisoo keeps being mentioned when people ask about the 'talentless members of the 3rd gen'
Do you guys really think that she's talentless

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No - vote down

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1. [+237, -27]
Her pronunciation, enunciation, dance and tone are all below average. Even when people claim that it's just a "difference in preference", she can't even act because her pronunciation is just terrible

2. [+200, -2]
Jisoo's voice doesn't fit BP at all...

3. [+196, -10]
Considering that she's a singer, she's indeed talentless

4. [+157, -22]

5. [+97, -18]
Her voice sounds like a man, she can't dance and her acting is cringe. There's nothing that Jisoo is good at

6. [+93, -147]
It's hilarious that the visual one top of the 3rd gen is getting hated because she's talentlessㅋㅋ Jisoo's face is talented

7. [+66, -13]
I'm just an ahjumma in my 30's who doesn't know much about idols but when I saw her dancing during her solo stage, I was wondering why she looked so stiff but everyone around me were praising her for looking pretty and doing well and I thought something was wrong with my eyes...ㅎㅎ her voice also sounds like a cow(?)... her dancing is just way too stiff compared to other membersㅋ I don't know if she has rhinitis but it always sounds like her nose is stuffed when she's talking...?ㅎㅎ I think that people like her just for her face

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