He didn't have this image at first. You really can't trust celebritiesㅋㅋㅋ

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His personality has always been weird. He's good at engaging in fights of nerves with the fans, and he wants act all serious by all means even for things that could just be laughed at and overlooked and say that he has to say what he wants to say. He doesn't have the personality nor the kills to be an idol. Seunghan didn't say anything wrong

2. [+204, -6]
That's what I've been saying. His looks and image are just so different from when he speaks, that's why. People who only look at his looks might get turned off but fans who see his personality and way of talking on video all know that he's a bit different

3. [+162, -9]
He was always a kid like that; Just go watch TO DO X TXT, you'll see it right away

4. [+115, -4]
Seriously, you can't trust a celebrity's image

5. [+107, -22]
To be honest, I also knew about Choi Soobin's personality after watching their self-made contents and V-lives and the foot-middle-finger was just so on brand with him that I wasn't even surprised..? It's not like he was a lower-grade man nor a Hannam. Soobin's personality has always been someone who would take his dongsaeng's gimmicks as a joke. It's not like he said a vulgar swear and you can tell that the middle finger was just meant as a joke. He was like "yup no~". He's just good at stopping the trolling. There's nothing different from the usual Soobin you see. It's because he's close with Seunghan + mentioned that comment in a Livestream with him that you guys are so shocked by his foot-middle-finger 

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