They have no vocals nor dance members
And the only clout they have is from DeobMu (The Boyz Bermuda line)

The fact that they take 18 minutes to record a song shows you that they're not ardent nor want to pour any type of effort. All they do is being busy creating parasocial relationships on Bubble

Now that they grew older, they have lost their shapes and fresher boy groups are rising instead
Everyone has been dropping out of the fandom and their first week sales have been astrocious

Green: Lip Gloss
White/grey: Watch It

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1. [+124, -27]
They need to flop even harder, I sense no passion/earnestness in them 

2. [+86, -3]
They were on a rise on Route to Kingdome, and they rebranded themselves with No Air and Reveal, they did well with The Stealer and Thrill Ride, but once they went actually on Kingdom, they started becoming sluggish. Still, they were able to gain some level of good response through Maverick, but from there onwards, they should've just seized their opportunity. Instead of focusing on overseas fandom, they should've focused on their domestic fandom that was barely existent with Maverick. Once Covid got better, every single group was going on world tour, but strangely, their obsession with the overseas market just grew even bigger and they seem to still be stuck on it. Maybe because they've bene engrossed with their international tour, they stopped caring about their album quality and after Maverick, their songs all sucked. The recent song was the worst of all. Whisper is still worth listening to, but Roar and Lip Gloss were shockingly bad. Maverick was so good, so I don't understand why they went to another direction. Their songs are becoming more and more subpart and they're just focusing on overseas advancement. That's why the K-Deobies are all leaving the fandom. They seriously need to release better songs if they want to gain more domestic fans 

3. [+73, -6]
They only recorded for 18 minutes? All the songs of their album? Who?
> New sent on his Bubble that it only took him 18 minutes to record the title song

4. [+71, -1]
The fans also act so despicable, they only stan on DeobMu and since they're only fans of those 3, they will never invest on the group's albums ㅋㅋㅋThey only go to concerts

5. [+69, -1]
Those are embarrassing statements, but they're all true F*ck

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