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1. They feel like a Blackpink without money

2. They already have 700 commentsㅋㅋㅋ their buzzworthiness is solid

3. But I feel like if this was released without any name, they will just look like your average mid-size company idol? They just feel meh

4. Not sure about the visuals but since it wasn't produced by Teddy, the beat just sucked

5. What a let down. This is their debut song so is this the best they can do?

6. The thumbnail with the fur vest... it feels like an MV made in the 2000's

7. YG is past their prime now. Even with Treasure, they just lost their touch

8. I don't think the song is good. I wonder if it will change the more I listen to it?

9. Seriously so-so. Why did they choose this song? It's so bad. Even if a big company picks a bad song, they will at least have something special but this is just... hopeless

10. Their rap and vocals all sound like outdated idols'. The song, vocals and raps are just too tacky

11. Are they purposely going for that 2013 vibe?

12. This sounds way too old

13. Tacky and outdated

14. The MV is so countrified. It does look like a lot was spent but the song sounds like a mid-size company song

15. Is it because they don't have Teddy anymore...?

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