June 2022, Jungkook Collaboration song (w. Charlie Puth)
July 2022, Start of J-Hope solo career
September 2022, J-Hope collaboration song (w. Crush)
October 2022 Busan Concert
October 2022 Jin single
November 2022 Jungkook World Cup Opening
December 2022 Start of RM solo career 
March 2023, J-Hope single
March 2023, RM collaboration song (w. Hwang So-yoon)
March 2023, Start of Jimin solo career
April 2023, Start of Suga solo, tours
May 2023, RM collaboration song (w. Cold)
May 2023, BTS Bestions OST (the planet)
June 2023, BTS 10th Anniversary single (TAKE TWO)
July 2023, Start of Jungkook solo career
September 23, Start of V solo career 
December 2023, BTS 10th Anniversary Documentary

June 2024, Jin discharged from the military
October 2024, J-Hope discharged from the military
After June 2025, RM, Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook discharged from the military

One year has already passed out of the two and a half years of group hiatus

The group hiatus where all members are serving will be around for about 6 months in the first half of next year.
At that time, they will continue to release music, broadcasts, documentaries, etc.

They'll start releasing music as soon as they're discharged next year.

(In 2024: 6/12 is their discharge, 6/13 is debut anniversary)

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1. They are so busy. There will be a mountain of things coming soon and we already have so much fangirl material now

2. Ha... must be nice. Theres' no way they wouldn't be successful. They planned this well so well done everyone. I'm so jealous

3. It's really the best plan to get the most bang for our buckㅠㅠㅜ

4. I miss HYYH.... I'm prepared to spend all my money...

5. They looked at the long run so let's go for the long run. We just need to all be healthy

6. Wow when they come back, it will be 10 years since HYYH

7. There was also V at Seojin's in the middle

8. I'm not a fan of Bangtan but they've been this successful the past 10 years and must be so rich but their attitude.... they still look like idols who are 3 years into their career. They deserve to be so successful

9. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

10. The planning was just perfect

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