She looks way better with the Japanese cherry princess styling
It's because of the group's color..

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1. [+85, -6]
For real, I find Sakura and Kim Chaewon way prettier in their Izone days. They don't look pretty in Le Sserafim, rather they look unique..? The concept's influence is big, but the styling overall was way better in Izone

2. [+54, -1]
However, I feel like Sakura and Kim Chaewon's image got way better after they joined Le Sserafim. Of course, it's because rather than just doing the pink pink princess-like image, they get to try way more various styles and thye look more free. They also became more charming 

3. [+48, -0]
But for real, when she was in Izone, they didn't fail her once with their styling and it was always perfect. Maybe because they had both Japan and Korea's influence, but the cordi really felt like she prepared a lot 

4. [+45, -1]
Kim Chaewon definitely looks better with her short hair after she joined Le Sserafim and Sakura looked more lovely and pretty in Izone 

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For real, as for Kim Chaewon, she used to have pretty styling in Izone but now, she's actually pretty 

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