The photos from yesterday

Sungchan, Anton and Wonbin

Anton and Wonbin

Sungchan and Wonbin

Sohee and Wonbin

Group photo

Winter, Karina, Wonbin and Shotaro

Real life pic

Male idols' height is indeed important... no matter what he does, it just doesn't give off the same vibe
He's definitely not 175. If I'm being nice, he's 170

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1. [+163, -46]
I think that the issue has more to do with his proportions than his height

2. [+150, -48]
His forced virality is slowly gonna end too

3. [+106, -32]
I already knew but it still feels new

4. [+86, -39]
Short, bad proportions and his face is just ok. He's average so why is he the center?

5. [+72, -28]
Sungchan and Wonbin

6. [+58, -29]
I already knew but it still feels new2

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