First of all, I expect the reaction will not be good, but I'm a male Instiz reader. 

The first thing I liked about that person was her white skin and piercing eyes.
She was my ideal type, so I tried flirting with her even though it meant maybe getting rejected.

Before we started cohabitating, for 10 months, I was dating her 
And even though I had schedules to attend to, I would always manage to pick her up and even drive all the way to her house
I didn't know even during that time, but after we started cohabitating, I realized how bad of a match we were

First of all, I hate dirty things.
But not showering for 2 days straight? 
This can happen if you don't go outside, but at least change your underwear
She would wear the same ones for 3 days straight and she doesn't even brush her teeth properly

This was the first time I realized that a woman could smell like a gutter.

You think she'd do the dishes? She will always say "I'll do it later"
But since I always do it, she would never do it once...
Once, I tried to ask her "Do it~" and she would always use aegyo to crush it off..

But this only works if you are pretty... Since my delusions were broken, I didn't buy it anymore..

There's oil on her face and sebum in her pores.
Her teeth are so yellow that whenever she says "Darling~" it turns me off..

What I hated the most was that I actually ended up liking it 
But because she would always throw a mess, it started to irk me...

Now that I've vented here, I feel a bit better...

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1. Ugh wearing the same underwear for 3 months..

2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why did I get so annoyed reading you were doing all the dishes?

3. Me too I'd hate it... But not washing and not tidying up would piss me off the most

4. Wow you did well breaking up with her ㄷㄷ You suffered

5. Ah she's nasty... Me too, I'm a bit of a clean freak, so I will never be able to live with someone who never cleans their houes..

6. If your cleaning habits don't match, your couple can fall apart in an instant.. I'll never be able to endure it 

7. Speaking of habits within a house, even if you're ready to kill someone for them to change, they'll never change. And not washing for 3 days...? This is seriously a huge turn off...You did well breaking up 

8. How did you endure this for 2 months ....

9. But seriously there are so many things that go unnoticed if you don't experience living together..

10. Kids who don't do the dishes, don't clean and don't do their laundry piss me off
Seriously we're all living together, why would you do nothing?

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