Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that NANA, currently active as a singer and actor under our management, has renewed her contract with the company.

Based on a relationship of mutual trust built over our long relationship since her debut, Nana has renewed her contract with our company for the fourth time.

For the past 14 years since her debut in 2009, Nana has engaged in a prolific range of activities, from singing to acting, as a PLEDIS Entertainment artist. She has recently established herself as an actor by showcasing her talent in a diverse range of genres and roles, exhibiting her multi-faceted charisma and abilities.

Our company will continue to provide Nana with extensive support to help her thrive in a broad range of activities, including acting, and make more remarkable strides down the road. We ask all fans to show your unceasing love and support for Nana.

Thank you.

CR. Soompi

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1. Wow daebak 

2. So only Nana out of all Afterschool's members is left in Pledis?

3. Wow that's her 4th time?

4. Pledis' mother

5. I feel like she probably is getting a lot of calls from other places, this is daebak 

6. They probably treat her super well 

7. Wow I bet lots of acting agencies are calling her to join... She has loyalty

8. Wow so is Nana the most veteran celebrity in Pledis now? 
> Seems like it 

9. wow this is unexpected

10. There are a lot of people renewing with Pledis, looks like they treat artists well.... 

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