Hate, in any industry or any part of the world, has always existed and we, no matter how hard we try, cannot erase it. But K-pop in particular is one industry where the hate comes from NO reason, maybe other than jealousy or defensiveness towards their favourite idols.

We have seen cases of many idols fall victim to these hate, breaking down under immense pressure. Any time any such case happens, all the fans would come together and pledge to never insult any idol again, but this cycle keeps repeating.

A number of idols: Wonyoung, Jennie, Hwasa, Sulli, Yeri, Nancy, Jeongyeon, Huening Bahiyyih, Kai, Jimin, Jackson, have been hated upon so badly, with the intention of bringing them down mentally and physically.

Nowadays, toxic fans have taken it to another level, by spreading false rumours, which could possibly lead to the idols' reputation and career being ruined forever. It happened to Garam and Rosé. Rosé, since the start of her career has been "indirectly" hated upon (disguised by haters as concern), whether it be about her voice or her weight/body structure, but those never blew up and everyone knew the truth (that whatever being said was untrue and Rosé doesn't deserve this). Recently, unfortunately for Rosé [and even her family (solo stans *sighs*)], she had been involved in many malicious rumours, either the Spotify "CEO" issue or the recent "drug" scandal, but luckily her fans were quick enough to point towards the truth, YG Ent. cleared any misunderstandings and the rumours being spread didn't have any clear basis (nobody, especially the South Korean justice, were not stupid enough to believe them and file a case against Rosé for it) and were easily proven wrong, with the haters only embarrassing themselves in the end. Some people still haven't learnt though and keep using these rumours in fanwars, hoping somebody would believe them and maybe put an end to Rosé's successful career.

Garam who had just debuted, was embroiled in a bullying scandal, but she, however, was not so lucky, not having an established fandom who would support her, or having enough proof to debunk these rumours, and eventually had to leave her group because the public was against her.

Isn't it getting too much? Why do people want to hate on those who have not harmed anyone? For absolutely no reason? Is it because of their popularity or success which is so unacceptable to them? Many times they keep denying their achievements or credit it to someone else. This is not just about affecting them anymore, it is about ruining their lives completely, by taking away their reputation and careers and what they treasure the most, their happiness.

These fans have no reason to behave this way and if it due to fanwars ("another fandom attacked my idol so I will attack theirs" mindset) then it is petty, toxic and really really f**ked up.

I don't get how so many people can hate on someone who they claim not to stan or care about while on the other hand we have idols like Seungri, Chaeyoung, Crush, RM, Jay Park, Shingdong, who have done or said something seriously wrong and went against the morals, but I rarely see hate for them and if I do, it is just for fanwars and not for where they went wrong.

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