"As you lived through life, do you really think that money is the best?

- But clearly, it's the worst if you don't have it
- Money isn't everything but most of issues can only be solved with money. Same for family and friends, you can only keep them with money
- You need money to stay healthy and have a harmonious family"

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1. But you need money first in order to eat and survive no?

2. ㅇㅇ it's really the best.Money can solve a lot of problems and health issues. If you don't have money, you can't do anything even if you know the solution. Psychiatric counselling, studying abroad, re-employment, studying a new field, cancer treatment with new technologies, stress relief, etc.

3. Health is also a money fight... I can't help but get sick because it's genetic, but I have to have money to manage it, delay it as much as possible, and get treated even if I ever get sick...There was a sick person at home, but they couldn't get treated in the end because the treatment they needed wasn't insured...

4. ㅇㅇ I feel it more and more the more I age. You must have money

5. Yep..!

6. Yes it's the best. Without money, you can't even get the proper treatment to stay healthy..ㅠ

7. Money doesn't guarantee healthy but it does help you recover and hang on to life longer. If you're sick and without money, you're f*cked

8. I don't need to have the most money than anyone else, but it's nice to have enough that I can live without worrying about it.

9. Money isn't the best but it's the base

10. You know what they say: money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you out of misery

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