Artists who entered Billboard Hot 100 

BTS - #1
New Jeans - #48

Twice - #83
Stray Kids - #90

Blackpink - #13


Global Spotify cumulative total streams in 2023
(World's largest music site)

Most streamed KPOP songs
Hybe 6 songs
JYP 0 songs
YG 3 songs
SM 0 songs

Top10 most streamed KPOP artists
Hybe 7 teams
JYP 2 teams
YG 1 team 
SM 0 team

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1. This is the reason they force those daesangs on their own artists

2. Seriously SM reminds me of Johnnys... They're only powerful within Japan but they also seem to be living in their own world

3. Every time I look at SM I get reminded of Johnnys... They have the company's boost, and they insert themselves into everything. Yet, they're unable to read the trend and they think that they're forever going to be jjang, that's the vibe they give... And the fandoms all look like cults..

4. I lived to the day I'm seeing SM falling behind in terms of results ㅋㅋㅋ

5. Fifty Fifty are amazing 

6. I really hate those rhetorical lyrics SM puts out...

7. Still, I feel like RIIZE's songs are a breath of fresh air and I like them ㅋㅋㅋ I hope they get pushed in the future

8. SM gave up on the English market and are just carrying about the Chinese and Japanese markets

9. This is why they're obsessed with daesangs

10. It's been a while that foreigners have given up on SM... It's all about Hybe, JYP and Blakpink

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