The Painted On The Moonlight - Miyeon

(G)i-dle miyeon sang the OST for My Dearest but they just removed the stage... 
The comments on Naver are all going crazy but it seems like they just removed it for a little while

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1. She must've been so nervous on her own, but I wouldn't say she failed her stage

2. This was worse than Park Jinyoung's performance... And Park Jinyoung was also dancing on top of it 

3. Because of her talented image, in comparison, it was bad

4. I wouldn't say it was that bad..

4. She must've been so nervous 

5. That was bad...

6. It's true that she was bad, but I don't think she deserves that much hate? I feel bad for her ㅠ 

7. No but this was so bad...

8. Honestly, I wouldn't say she did extremely well, but it's way better than those singers who only sing on top of AR

9. Please we need to bring back the real live culture

10. Huh...? She wasn't as bad as to deserve all these swears in the comments....???? No matter how different people's judging criteria are

11. Honestly she was fine, it was totally live

12. This is supposed to be her own song though, interesting 

13. The hate comments here are too severe ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Plase stop hurting her..

14. You're telling me that's the singer of the original song???

15. You're telling me she's a main vocal???

16. I don't think she's bad, but she's not worthy of a solo satge..

17. Honestly, as a main vocal, this was so so 

18. No but how bad was it that they ended up deleting it..

19. I don't think she sucked? She looked more nervous 

20. Hmmm...

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