Sung Sikyung mentioned that Choi Kang Changmin debuted in the entertainment industry at a young age of 15 and became successful, and began by saying, "If I were your hoobae, I would have thought you were the most ideal idol."

Regarding this, Changmin confessed, "Personally, what makes me feel a little happy but also annoys me is when my hoobaes say, 'I want to be like hyung' I don't think they're saying that because they genuinely like me or respect me."

He continued, “I feel that my hoobaes are ultimately envious of my current situation.”

He said, "I entered SM Entertainment at the age of 14 and debuted in TVXQ after a year of training. Actually, I didn't start because I liked it. The casting staff came and suggested an audition, and although I didn't know much, I was attracted to the fact that they recognized and recommended me. That's how it started and this is how I ended up there” he said.

Sung Sikyung, who heard this, said, "TVXQ is a good example of 'through this one thing, it can lead to a career,'" and comforted him, saying, "The sight of you continuing your promotions at the top probably makes the hoobaes thing "this is possible".

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1. What a twisted way of thinking, his hoobaes are probably just doing small talk, yet he's there talking behind his back 

2. And in the future, none of the hoobaes will have small talks with him 

3. I can understand where he's coming from. He likes it, yet it's annoying to him. Don't people go around saying that they're envious of their sunbaes all the time? And it's not like it's a praise every time 

4. I can understand what he's trying to say 

5. Now the hoobaes won't be able to tell him anything 

6. That's just the lip service they're doing towards a sunbae. but he's taking it way too personally. 
I'm pretty sure he hears "I respect you" "I want to be like sunbae-nim" all the time 

7. I'm sure that the hoobaes are coming from a good place, so what is he expecting them to say when they're meeting such a big senior?

8. Even if it's not towards a celebrity, telling someone they're envious of them isn't necessarily a praise though 

9. I feel like he had to voice his opinion on this, but using the word "annoying" is unnecessary

10. "Annoying"??

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