On this day, host PD Kim Chang-seon asked Lia Kim, "When I think of 1 Million, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube content. You have 26.2 million subscribers. I'm curious about the channel's revenue."

Lia Kim said, "Unfortunately, there is no profit. The structure is such that all profits go to the music copyright holder." "Music has a long history of being licensed through the Music Copyright Association, etc., so there is a system where you [as a musician] can receive payment on YouTube or other platforms, but actually, there is no such thing for dance. We can't just say, 'Give me a cut of that revenue', right?"

When asked, 'Why does it seem like only choreography is not recognized for copyright?', Lia Kim responded, "Historically, it takes the sacrifice and effort of countless people for any right to be recognized. The Music Copyright Association was established in 1964 but they only achieved sales of 100 billion won in 2010. It took about 46 years to achieve that."

She said, "I think the field of dance is really in its infancy and just getting started. Our dancers need to build up in the future as well."

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1. That's why Gabi is going towards singing..

2. Hul so they don't get a single revenue from that?

3. Hul..I thought they earn a lot. So even from the Shorts they shoot, they don't earn a single thing?

4. Wow.. So in the other way around, producers and composers must be super rich 

5. I didn't know they didn't earn a single thing, this is shocking..

6. Isn't it obvious that all of it goes to the digital distributors?

7. The content isn't all about the music, it should be a given that the profit gets divided
> For real
> I think like that too 

8. So all of those choreography covers are earning 0 

9. Hul we're talking about 1Million here

10. And they have no ads?

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