Hyunsuk-ah, who thinks collecting footage for behind-the-scenes preparations for the concert is trivial and useless!!
Hyunsuk-ah, he thinks that a singer just needs to be good on stage!!
Then you shouldve just never joined the YG idol agency. What does it make the other members who have been preparing for the concerts and who have been interacting with the fans all this time when he makes a comment like that?

His comment: 
When it comes to concerts, whenever I'm performing, I just want to concentrate on the concert. I don't necessarily want to do any other superfluous/additional things. [...]But honestly for me as a singer, before going on stage, I don't want to shoot those. Of course as a singer, the stage is the most important, so why do we have to keep doing those useless things? [...] There's just too much of it now. I'm just saying that for a concert, just focus on the concert, if you want to make content, focus on the content

Only focus on the concert VS you also need to feed the fans with plenty of extra contents (interaction/challenge/behinds)

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1. ㅋㅋ Then don't become an idol 

2. Why is he like that...

3. Looks like being in a big company like YG made him cocky ㅋ Why doesn't he send his feedback to the company instead of doing it in a live like that with the fans...? And what does it make the other members? Are you the only one who have to do the dieting (t/n: probably referring to another comment he made)? Nowadays, all male and female idols are doing it, why are you blaming dieting?ㅋ Then just don't be an idol and go be a rapper

4. But he's indeed good on stageㅋㅋ So he should've just went for hip hop, why is he killing himself as an idol like that? ^_ㅠ..

5. Of course, if you're an idol you should do these

6. Just go eat and treat the fans better

7. If you hate doing this so much, just withdraw. If he thinks idol life is such a mismatch with him.. Just withdraw and do whatever you want. Isn't it better? You're already sending a precedent to your group 

8. Meanwhile, that OP received an interaction from ENHYPEN Sunghoon ㅋㅋㅋ he's totally bullsh*tting 

9. Looks like dieting made him become more sensitive 

10. Isn't he just saying he doesn't want to be an idol...? I've watched other videos of his and his attitude is not it 

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