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1. Seriously big.... Why was I not aware of him when he was in NCT? Maybe because his body got even bigger? Sungchan-ah, Sungchan-ah ㅠ

2. His face looks like Bambie but his body is crazy

3. These gifs f*cking surprised me

4. Sungchan is seriously my style. Every time I see pictures or videos of him, I'm always about to become his fan

5. Are RIIZE all tall? When I looked at their pictures back then, nobody stood out as "tall" to me

6. He's always been tall but you don't see well when there are a lot of people around

7. He seriously looks like a fraud... That height, that built, those shoulders and that face....

8. Hubby

9. Sungchan-ah.... Sungchan-ah....

10. Can I call you oppa?

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