- The sight of you sobbing during the scene of killing a soldier was impressive.

▶ This scene was filmed as an additional scene at the end to express Hyeonsoo's altruistic heart and empathy. I tried to portray 2 emotions in those two situations where I had no choice but to kill, such as me portraying sacrifice and also empathy. 

- How was the atmosphere at the scene? What about working together with actors like Go Minsi and others?

▶ When acting out a serious and down-to-earth story, the atmosphere on set was tailored accordingly. It was very comfortable since I'm meeting these actors again. There was no need for separate [introductory] conversation. Minsi focused on Minsi and Hyeonsoo focused on Hyeonsoo. It was very comfortable. Because we were so close, I don't think we had to always socialize. I did it because I was afraid it would interfere with my concentration.

- 'My Demon' and 'Sweet Home' are on the Netflix rankings. What is your opinion regarding the reaction that 'Song Kang has taken over Netflix'?

▶ I am so thankful every day. We put a lot of effort into ‘Sweet Home’ and the same goes for ‘My Demon’. Isn’t it up to the viewers to evaluate? I think just being at the top is something I am very grateful and satisfied with. I put in so much effort, so I hope people will recognize it.

- Do you think your sense of responsibility as a leading actor has increased.

▶ The sense of responsibility was great even from ‘Love Alarm’. We filmed and did a script reading, and when I sat there, I really felt the weight. I felt that the lead role had great weight. I thought a lot about my responsibility. I tried to be as considerate as possible when acting out my role in‘Sweet Home’. I felt like I needed to give more and be less selfish.

- What was the best episode as a viewer?

▶ The scene I played when I was asking ‘What should I do??’ was in the early stages of filming and I liked that scene. I also liked Lee Kyung's (Lee Si-young) delicate acting while giving birth. I don't know (about childbirth), but (watching the acting) I thought it might really be like that. I was able to experience many different shootings of different scenes. It was amazing and fun because there were many filming locations that I had never been before, such as the fight scene in the car in Part 1.

- You appear as a monster in 'Sweet Home' and a devil in 'My Demon'. What are your thoughts on acting out fantasy characters?

▶ It was both satisfying and fascinating. When filming, I was amazed at how CG would turn out. What they have in common is that it is a change that begins within me, but the difference is that Hyeonsoo has the loneliness of a lone wolf, and Gu-won has a quirky and confident side.

- Your looks suit acting fantasy type of roles, I'm curious about your own evaluation of your looks

▶ I’m not sure. I don't think I'm completely satisfied. I think I'm only a bit handsome (laughter), but I also have some shortcomings, so I go to the dermatologist and take care of myself. I thought the lighting and camera teams did a great job. I try to exercise regularly and have a good attitude. I heard that taking lowerbody baths(?) a lot slows down aging, so I'm trying it these days. And I'm trying to become vegetarian, but that starts tomorrow. I tried it a few times and failed.

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1. Let's be real, he doesn't actually thinks like that 

2. Please stay still seriously 

3. He's the handsomest he's ever been lately. And this is including his physique, he's #1 in Korea 

4. He looked crazy in My Demon though ㅋㅋㅋ His face aside, even his physique is good.. 

5. He's super handsome, but he just can't act

6. "A bit"??????????

7. Does he want me to scold him?

8. And he's able to see this face every single day

9. I'm jealous of his face, even as a girl 

10. He's so shameless ㅜㅜ

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