News came out that GD participated to the CES held in the US

It got covered by KBS, MBC, JTBC, MBN, Yeonhap News, TV Joseon, Channel A, etc. 

G-dragon, greeting as soon as he arrived to the American CES

Why did G-dragon attend the American CES..?

G-dragon arrives at CES... Even plays with VR

G-Dragon, the reason he high-fived Jung Gisun at Las Vegas

Singer G-Dragon  visited 'CES 2024', the world's largest home appliance and IT exhibition, which opened in Las Vegas, USA on the 9th (local time).

According to industry sources on the 10th, G-Dragon toured the exhibition hall, including domestic booths of Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and HD Hyundai.

GD's IG story
It's a picture with Jung Gisun, vice chairman of Hyundai

"Wow! So you were this cute"

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1. [+59, -2]
GD was so excited when he rode this he gave Hyundai a 5/5, it was freaking funny ㅋㅋ

2. [+48, -3]
That exhibition really looked so fun,  it's nice to see GD smile

3. [+45, -2]
GD went to see the Hyundai booth at the IT fair, and the Hyundai vice president served as a host and introduced GD to the Hyundai booth exhibition ㅇㅇ

4. [+45, -1]
Jiyong-ah you look excited, what about your album?

5. [+39, -0]
I can't explain it, but it feels like an icon was there, he doesn't look like a normal person

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