[enter-talk] (G)I-DLE'S TRACK LIST IS OUT

The title is called "Super Lady"
I can't imagine what type of song it will be but it seems like a cool song

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1. [+28, -1]
Wow every time they comeback, I always feel like even if I can't tell what the individual songs will sound like, the overall production is so cool. They're just insane

2. [+25, -0]
Look at this

3. [+24, -1]
Miyeon is writing lyrics too ㄷㄷ

4. [+19, -1]
Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon and Miyeon are all writing lyrics now and I saw it trending... (G)I-dle's popularity hit me...

5. [+19, -4]
Jeon Soyeon was getting hate because people said she didn't interact with the fans enough, but she's f*cking busy. This time, she produced 4 songs and she even had her name in the arrangement of those songs too. She also has to attend their world tour, meanwhile she was also producing and arranging at the same time, she's so hard working. I bet that's why (G)i-dle couldn't attend year end shows

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