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1. [+148, -25]
I really agree with the people saying it has 2NE1 vibes, it really felt like a 2NE1 song. The MV was cool

2. [+146, -13]
I've always enjoyed I-dle's releases. It sounds shocking at first but I end up warming myself to it

3. [+142, -34]
I like the 2NE1 vibe so I freaking liked this song...

4. [+135, -22]
I like how they are always doing something new

5. [+133, -25]
I've a Neverland and it seems like this song was really aimed at the foreign market. I'm a bit disappointed because I was expecting so much but I still liked itㅋㅋㅋ Rather than always having the same concept, coming back with a new concept feels fresh and the song is pretty exciting too ㅎㅎ And Miyeon's face was crazy! Even if our situation with China isn't good their album sales keep on rising so they are really at their career high


I'm listening to their title and side track
And I've liked I-dle for 4 years
And really really.....

Every time that Shuhua's part comes in, I stop it
Whether it's in Korean or English, she always sounds unclear and dull
I just wish that she would stick to singing highlight parts like the "lalala" in Tomboy or "ratata" in Ratata.....

I'm currently listening to Doll and the members' voice colors are all strong so my ears have been enjoying the song but anyways, that's how I feel

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1. [+25, -8]
Don't stop her< I honestly think that it's a bop that Shuhua ruined

2. [+23, -2]
No no, there are a lot of people feel like this. There are also a lot of fans who find her parts annoyingㅋㅋ but it can't be helped

3. [+17, -1]
I understand what you mean when I was just listening to the song. It's always Shuhua's part

4. [+14, 0]
Foreign Chinese members seem to have some pronunciation limitations.... Even members who are pretty good at Korean, it seems like their Chinese pronunciation never fully disappears when they speak in Korean. Shuhua seems to be a bit limited because of her pronunciation too but her voice doesn't sound too overly annoying

5. [+9, 0]
For real ㅠㅠㅠ I thought like that until Tomboy but I think that she was fine in Nxde and Queen Card but she's back at being like this....

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