Even their sunbae D.O appeared in the news and got so much hate, but they saw this and didn't even think of anything?
Jungwoo and Haechan have no buzz factor so it didn't become an issue
Should they be sad or happy about this?

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1. [+51, -4]
People really think Jungwoo was holding a remote controller? Have you guys ever seen a remote control;er with a part that sticks out like that? Everyone already knows that he's smoking at the back of music shows anyways

2. [+43, -1]
The one who got caught was this f*cker, but now even this f*cker's fangirls are trying to sh*t on other members too

3. [+32, -44]
Jungwoo has a remote controller... 

4. [+29, -5]
Haechan's fans sure are f*cking in a rush, look at them rushing towards D.O who smoked an e-cig without any nicotine and Jungwoo holding a remote controller and bullsh*ttingㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'll send all of you to Kwangya 

5. [+26, -34]
Jungwoo had a remote controller haters-ah, Haechan's video is the one that got edited, not Jungwoo 

6. [+16, -0]
But if Jungwoo was really not smoking and was holding a remote controller, why did SM feel the need to remove that scene? You can tell that they also edited Jungwoo's scene

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