She was talking about her independent company and her promotions on Lee Hyori's talk show and she said that she wished to have an album filled with a bunch of songs... She's an idol 9 years into her debut this year but seeing her say this is really...

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1. [+132, -37]
She was earning money comfortably but now you guys are blaming YGㅋ she was a kid who had so much time that she was dating around a lot and when she was tired of dancing on stage, she wasn't dancingㅋㅋ The fact that her image wasn't consumed a lot is just part of her concept so she can promote a long timeㅋ

2. [+100, -2]
I think that YG made Jennie into what she is now. They didn't consume her image too much so that made her even more mysterious. For BP's vacations, they got to do everything they wanted to do 

3. [+46, -29]
No but it doesn't make sense that at Jennie only has 2 solo songs given her skills

4. [+18, -5]
I like Jennie but what is this bullsh*t? Do you really think that Jennie would be where she is now without YG?

5. [+14, 0]
She was in YG so if she wasn't getting frustrated, isn't she way too unambiguous?ㅋㅋ YG as an entertainment company is basically neglecting all their responsibilities

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