"Will it snow?"

On December 23rd, Juyeon posted about Zion T's Snow's lyrics "Will it snow?" and on December 24th, Jennie posted her cover of Snow (Juyeon is the first one to post about the song)

And his post's last picture was about a family of cats? with a heart
Juyeon and Jennie are both cat types

Juyeon and Kevin both went to Daniel Caesar's concert in KOrea and Jennie was there too 

Recently, Juyeon just became friend with a group of model, one of them happens to be Jennie's best friend. His name is Lee Joohyung. 
Lee Joohyung and Juyeon both attended LV's event recently

I was simply wondering "Can they be dating?" but then saw what Juyeon posted on his IG yesterday
His live broadcast ended and we all thought that his birthday event ended there, but the next day, Juyeon received a cake and celebrated another birthday
Yesterday: Jan 15th = Juyeon's birthday
Today: Jan 16th = Jennie's birthday

In the photo that Juyeon posted, there were 2 cone hats, so did both of them celebrate their birthdays together? 
I'll leave you to judge

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1. [+125, -75]
Why would Jennie date him....

2. [+102, -12]
Oh seriously nobody believes this 

3. [+83, -9]
Why are all of these "proofs" so insane... No but if they have overlapping circle of friends, it means they're automatically dating? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You can try to force things to us, but there's nothing you can force here

4. [+62, -6]
This doesn't seem like a Jennie hater, more like a The Boyz hater...

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