The name of the group is VCHA
The members names are Lexi, Camila, Kendall, Savanna, KG, Kaylee

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1. [+34, -1]
Please, stop thinking about making Korean or foreign groups and take care of ITZY and NMIXX instead. Let's give ITZY a good song and NMIXX their solo schedules

2. [+26, -6]
His existing groups are all flopping. JYP should try to understand reality a bit

3. [+23, -3]
Just how jealous is Park Jinyoung of Bangtan and BP that he still has the America-disease? Even if they are considered visuals among natives, the concept is what westerners hate the most and has that K-pop loser vibe so I bet that Americans would hate it even more

4. [+20, 0]
Why isn't he pushing his Korean groups more?... ITZY debuted in '19, Niziu in '20 and NMIXX in '22 and now, he's debuting a group in '24. He's almost debuting a group every 2 years. It's to the point where I'm wondering if he's not just debuting all the trainees he has

5. [+12, -2]
Even if ITZY saw success early on, as expected, why is JYP doing this to his girl groups?

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