Rain: [Triple crowns in joining companies] you passed all your auditions at SM, JYP and YG

Rain: What was the reason you clung unto JYP?

Sullyoon: Because I like TWICE sunbae-nim

She entered the company wanted to do refreshing concepts like "shy shy shy" or "you're too much" 

But ended up singing things like
My head spinning like bingbingbing
Watcha ballabballa
and things likt hat

She's a representative visual and should've at least be the center but turns out,

They always put her in the corners
And it's the same for their performances

And got dressed in these classless outfits

No but seriously, why is JYP doing this to Sullyoon?

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1. [+241, -8]
If only they saved Sullyoon and Yuna and did a second TWICE, they would've hit daebak...

2. [+183, -6]
Sullyoon's face doesn't suit the group's image. Sullyoon's face can't pull off their concept. She would've matched a group like TWICE

3. [+181, -10]
Humanely speaking, they should push her a bit for solo activities. For real, she could be a CF fairy. Seeing how they lumped her in one group CF and gave her no solo activity is freaking frustrating

4. [+124, -14]
Rationally, isn't worrying about an idol in the corner of your room on a weekend night even more pitiful?;;;ㅋ

5. [+106, -24]
But can people stop giving her that pitiful frame already? She's more successful than you and is earning a lot of money;;; It's not like NMIXX flopped either;;

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