Hello this is Hwang Yusun
Starting the year, I will become an independent studio as Beater Studio (@beater.studio) from January 2024. From 2016 until now, I have worked and learned with many people and decided to become independent so I can create something entirely on my own. Starting this year, I would like to try various works under the name Beater. I would also like to thank those who gave me a lot of support and encouragement.

He was the graphic designer under ADOR since NewJeans' debut, but as of January 2024, he made his own studio and made RIIZE's season's greetings

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1. [+46, -10]
People were claiming that there was nothing similar in their designs just for this to turn out to be done by the same person 

2. [+34, -20]
People were so~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o hard bent over the fact that they weren't similar ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSigh 

3. [+25, -10]
Honestly, even if it was done by the same person, if you have a different idea, it'll come out looking different. Clearly, SM's side asked him to make it look similar

4. [+21, -4]
Wow... It's my first time seeing RIIZE's seasons' greetings, but it's so similar to NewJeans, I thought it was edited

5. [+19, -0]
I'm a Bunnies and I wish you stop pitting RIIZE against them, we seriously don't even care about these male idols.. You're just trying to get RIIZE hated on by using NewJeans, so stop trolling 

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